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Reviews from some happy customers:

Jerry & Bev Rampf, Plettenberg Bay

A note of appreciation & many thanks to yourself, Kim & your caring staff for the loving care & attention showered on our family whilst in your Kennels & Cattery @ Savannalands. We are truly grateful for having found the perfect home from home for our family to holiday at in our absence. Thank you kindly & most sincerely, we have very happy hearts. Till next time... Kind regards.


Jane Shepherd, Plettenberg Bay Savannalands is a home from home for my precious rescue dog - she is loved, cared for and free... Heather has that rare quality that makes any animal feel totally comfortable and at ease - such a gift... 5 star kenneling at its best - clean and pristine! A Pet's Palace.


Duncan & Lente Brown, Plettenberg Bay There is no person or place we trust with our dogs apart from Heather at Savannalands. Our bassets love going there and we go away in peace, knowing that they are cared for, loved and walked by Heather.


Simoné Smit, Oudtshoorn - Never before have our cats been so relaxed and happy away from home.  With a panel heater during the cold winter days and being able to move freely between in- and outside, we knew it could not get any better.  It was with great surprise that we noticed they chose to see what Heather was doing rather than coming to us, when we picked them up after their long stay.  Thank you, Heather, for looking after them and giving them love and attention during our absence. 


Anja Schroeder, Hamburg, Germany Dear Heather, I just wanted to THANK you from my heart for your excellent care of my big boy Akila last 9 weeks. After I had to relocate to Germany within few weeks time and I could not take Akila with me because of the 3 months EU regulation waiting period, I decided to give him to your kennels. He stayed overnight before and I was already impressed what I saw and that he was so happy and relaxed after I picked him up. I had organized his international animal transport with an agency as much as I could before I left SA but still was nervous what would happen and if he would change his great personality after such a long time being apart. Well, I was thrilled and happy when you send me the first Video's showing him playing with other dogs, many Emails and pictures with updates about his well-being, what an excellent service! You did everything and anything to give him enough playing time, love and the right food, medical attention to keep him healthy and happy. I was so relieved about the communication and what I saw that I knew he is definitely in best hands. Even when it came to the last week before the international flights you stepped in to bring him to the local Vet for his last health check and went through all papers over and over again to make sure that they are all right. And THEN he arrived in Hamburg after 32hrs travel time and 3 flights and I had my boy in my arms again. I missed him so much and I was in heaven when he actually was here. He looked perfectly fine and healthy and was not traumatised because of the kennels or the flights. Akila fully settled in, loves his new life, the much cooler weather and my big family, he is in the right part of the world now. Well, Heather I am absolutely thrilled about your service, your beautiful large kennels and surrounding, dog-knowledge and how you treated my boy! Your place is really the best and safest place to be for a beloved pet and I hope that many other animal owners will have the same experience. Love Anja.

Peter & Sandra Bippus, Plettenberg Bay Savannalands Kennels & Cattery, a perfect place for our dog and the two cats. We know they're in good hands because Heather has a lot of passion for animals. This shows especially when we pick them up. They're happy and relaxed. Even during our stay abroad we get little films about Diego, Cloud and Safari to keep us posted. Thanks a lot for putting us at ease when we're away.





Dick & Ann Fisher, Plettenberg Bay

We are the owners of two 3 year old very spoilt and very loved Yorkshire Terriers. Up to their 3rd birthday they had never  slept anywhere than in their own home and had never been separated from us apart from the odd holiday. We always utilised a house sitter when away from home as they are used to at least an hours walk on the beach every morning.

In February 2011 we had to dispense with the house sitter at short notice and had a 3 week holiday paid for. We made arrangements with Heather to view the facilities at Savannalands and decided to book them in. Since then we have boarded them there again, in the heated facility, for 45 days in May / June 2011.

We are very satisfied with our decision. The two are very well looked after and clearly are very attached to Heather and Stuart. The cherry on the top are the photos that Heather sends by email while we are away, to show how well settled they are - peace of mind!!

Dick Fisher updated September 2018

I have been using Savannalands two to three times a year since they opened. I have two very spoilt and fussy little Yorkies who have no problem adapting to life at Savannalands, in fact they are overjoyed to see Heather when I drop them off.

Zita Gooden, Knysna

Such a good feeling when we are holiday that Roza has a holiday too!!! She loves Savannalands Kennels and her caretakers.

Margie Couper, Plettenberg Bay

Savannalands is a second home for my cat. She is quite relaxed there and knows it well. In the design of the rooms, care has been taken for the cats' comfort. It is spacious, warm, with a garden and climbing equipment. I greatly recommend it.

Jenny Lenahan, Plettenberg Bay - Our Bullmastiff puppy was cared for in the most professional way while we were away on holiday. The facilities are impeccable and the personal attention to each animal meant that we could go away with complete peace of mind. 

Chris & Marie Cronje, Plettenberg Bay - Once again, thank you for the pleasant stay, our two Kerry Blues will definitely look forward to their next stay, I doubt whether they missed home and old Piet, our cat will accompany them, she will definitely find her room interesting. 

Dominique Erasmus, Cape Town

Congratulations to you for your amazing work at Savannalands. I don't think that Shadow and Sky have ever had as much fun! Your 5 star accommodation is a perfect example of what kennels should be. I will and have recommended Savannalands to all my friends. A true luxurious experience for any pampered pet!

Jenny Gerhard, Plettenberg Bay

Savannalands is the only place I will ever leave Amber, Pi and Libby. In fact, they beg me every day for another visit.  Keep up the excellent work!

Richard Lane, Plettenberg Bay - My two girls, Coco and Lola have had many sleepovers at Savannalands. It's simply the best and gives me great peace of mind knowing that they are in such good hands. Highly recommended.

Helen Boonzaier, Clifton, Cape Town -  Savannalands Kennels is the BEST pet hotel in South Africa. Situation, accommodation, facilities, personal care, food are so good that the first time I was taken to Savannalands by a friend, she remarked that we could spend a holiday in a kennel there! Very true. So send your darling with alacrity!!

Christine Cameron-Smith, Plettenberg Bay - Going on holiday and leaving your fur child at kennels is always quite traumatic, however Savannalands ticks all the boxes. The kennels are always spotless and in some cases, heated as well. Kena loves the enclosed exercise area, for a Beagle it's heaven. Thanks Heather... we will keep on coming back!

Pat Els, Plettenberg Bay - Dear Heather, as you know the saying - a change is as good as a holiday. My dogs go on a genuine "doggy" holiday when they come to visit you at Savannalands! They seem to know exactly where they are going the moment Marius takes that 1st turnoff on the road. More spoilt dogs than ours will be difficult to find and you have managed to keep them extremely happy. They always come home full of beans and energy. It means a tremendous amount to us to know that our children are happy when we are away and for that we thank you and your staff.


Rain Martin & Family, The Crags - Earlier this year, my dog went on heat unexpectedly and a crisis erupted between the dogs in the neighbourhood where I live. I was busy at work 30 minutes from home, and was unable to intervene. My neighbour recommended the kennels, as she had heard great reports. Having never considered a kennel before, at first I was reluctant towards the idea. However, the crisis meant I had few options - and the kennel seemed the simplest one. How was I to get the dog ready and transported to the kennel? In the height of the crisis, I called Savannalands kennels and asked how they could assist me. Heather Hiscox extended herself to assist my dog, way beyond the call of duty; if it were not for her speedy and unequivocal response, I do not know what would have happened as my dog was in danger. She immediately arranged to collect my dog personally and have her attended to at the vet. Thereafter, my dog was placed in "doggie heaven" - the Savannaland sanctuary... I'm sure it could be considered a haven for pets! Heather was always available to offer input on the well-being of our beloved pet - and when we collected Angel a week or so later, she was in a calm, happy, playful state - a dream welcome for us. We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the buildings and the standard of hygiene, not to mention the warmth and healthiness which radiated throughout the premises and grounds. The love and care which had been provided was in our view, exceptional. We will definitely use these facilities again. Thank you Heather and team for an outstanding experience - and being there for our pet in her time of need. We recommend this facility to everyone.

Thank you for your custom. I appreciate your kind words.
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