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My Breeding Philosophy

Savannalands Golden Retrievers, breeders of quality Golden Retrievers, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, Western Cape.

I am registered as a breeder with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa ( Savannalands is my registered kennel affix.

In order to promote the health and longevity of our gorgeous breed, I like to health test the dogs that I plan to use in my breeding programme. I x-ray for hip and elbow dysplasia and check eyes annually. Additionally, I now test (via Inqaba Biotecnical Industries Animal Genetics Division) for Exercise Induced Collapse, Icthyosis, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, PRA-1 and PRA-2.

How We Raise Our Puppies

When pups are imminent, I move into our cottage with the expectant mom and put her whelping box next to my bed. The pups are born and raised there till I move them to the en-suite bathroom for more space when they are ready to start moving out of their whelping box. I am with them almost 24/7 until they go to their new homes. When they are old enough, they have their own, play-room, which leads out to a securely fenced and covered private garden, for their sole use. See our Facebook page for loads of puppy pics and to watch the regular updates of our pups as they grow.

I raise my puppies the Puppy Culture way, which starts them off with exercises that strengthen their immune system, from just 3 days old. Clicker training with each pup starts at 4 weeks of age. 

Litter Plans


Our Tess, Ch Savannalands Red Velvet, had her first litter on 1 December 2022 and is the bitch I will breed with next, so she needs to be rested. She is due in season soon, but I will probably not breed her now, but her following season, July/August 2024-ish. I will likely inseminate her with imported frozen semen from Irish boy, JJ, Golden Rose-Bays Original Sin for Zenevieva.

If you would like to be considered for a pup from this next or any other litter in the future, please drop me an email on and I will send you my Prospective Owner's Questionnaire to complete and return, in due course.


I do not really like to keep a waiting list and my pups are not first come first served, rather I try and find the very best homes for my puppies. I will only actively start "vetting" enquiries and questionnaires once a pregnancy is confirmed, in order to create a "short list". Please bear with me for replying to your emails. I will reply as and when I can, but often I will simply put enquiries aside for answering in batches in due course, as this is a hobby and not a business and I am busy. I will also guide you as to what you should look for in a reputable breeder. Those that stay in touch once they are on the short list, once pups are born AND offer great homes are the ones who will likely get my puppies.


The last few litters, pups were R20k each, the next litter, using imported semen will likely be more. I don't want your deposit, it will not secure you a puppy ahead of anyone else. I don't confirm any puppies until they are at least safely past three weeks of age, as this is their most vulnerable period.

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IMG_4042 (2).jpg
IMG_4079 (2).jpg

Indi's litter above, born 11 January 2021, the dad our gorgeous Maverick. Pedigree here.

IMG_4147 (2).jpg

Baby Mr Black, asleep during his weigh-in.

IMG_4106 (2).jpg

Prada with her litter on the left, Gucci with hers on the right, born 30 September and 3 October 2020, respectively. First time I've had 2 litters together, it worked so well with this set-up and Gucci helped feed Prada's pups when Prada didn't have enough milk. 


Prada on the left, Gucci on the right, in season in my kennels, August 2020, with Granny Bailey who just loves socialising.

IMG_2495 (2).jpg

Indi with her litter of 13 puppies, born 21 August 2019.

Version 3.tiff

And they're off.... Cape Town pups from Indi's August 2019 litter, celebrating their 1st birthday together. This gorgeous pic taken by puppy Malachi's dad, Alan Raubenheimer, of Fine Edge Art.

IMG_6138 (2).jpg

Maverick and Scarlett

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