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Our dogs

Stuart and I have owned Golden Retrievers for some 26 years and absolutely adore the breed.

Since we moved from Cape Town to 8 hectares in The Crags, 16 years ago and opened Savannalands Kennels & Cattery in 2010, I was finally in the right place, with sufficient time, to start breeding and showing our dogs.

We had our first litter in August 2011 and a second litter followed in November 2012. We had a third litter in October 2014, a fourth in December 2016, a fifth in November 2018 and a sixth in August 2019. A seventh and eighth followed, together, my first time with two litters at once, in October 2020, as the girls usually come into season together. Indi has just had her second, our ninth litter in January 2021, as she did not come into season with the other girls as she normally would have, but only some 5 weeks later and, as we don't have our usual travel plans for early 2021 and I was already in "puppy mode", I decided to go ahead and breed her instead of putting it off till later in 2021. I mainly breed when I want another pup to add to my breeding lines and for the show ring, so do not simply "churn out" puppies for other people, although having said that, we cannot simply keep adding to our ever-increasing pack. I am not a breeder who will rehome my dogs once they are past their "usefulness", as many others do, they are first and foremost our beloved pets and all stay with us until the end of their days. 

I started showing some of our dogs in 2012 and continue to do so, with success. Of course because of Covid, 2020 was a non-event in the showing arena as everything was cancelled.


To add to our South African lines, I imported two gorgeous bitches, Ch Stanroph Scarlett Rose of Savannalands (Rosie), from Spain, in 2013  and Ch Fenpinque Pradaspelle at Savannalands (Prada), from the UK, in 2014. Floyd, Ch Zenevieva Pink Floyd at Savannalands, joined us from Ireland in February 2016.

We kept little Gucci, now BPISS Ch Savannalands Gucci Envy, from the October 2014 litter and she is our first home-bred champion.

We imported semen for Prada from the Top Golden Retriever in Australia for 2016, Sup Ch Chaleur Hilfiger and Prada had a litter on 12 December 2016. We kept a girl, Indi, Savannalands Indigo Girl and a boy, Blue, Ch Savannalands Bright Blue from that litter. Both have already been shown a little and have done well in the ring, with Blue becoming a champion in September 2018.

We also imported semen from Irish boy JJ, Golden Rose-Bays Original Sin for Zenevieva, to use on our bitches in the future.  

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Bailey in full flight