We have just 10 large 2.5x6m runs, each with tiled indoor sleeping area and partly covered, partly uncovered outdoor area, allowing your dog the choice of being inside or outside, but still dry, in rainy weather.

We have insulation in the ceilng, so the kennels are warm in winter, cool in summer. There is optional underfloor heating in the sleeping area for cold weather.


Only dogs from the same household, that do get on, may share kennels.


Separate exercise and play area with sun, shade, sand, water, toys and more to mentally stimulate your dog. We walk your dog at least 3 times per day and he/she will very soon settle into the routine here.

We don't have breed restrictions. If your dog is human friendly, it is welcome. If they are sociable, we may walk them together with other appropriate dogs and they have such fun together. If they are not sociable, or you are unsure, it  is no problem to walk them on their own.

Research for the design of our kennels was done with the help of, a UK-based company specialising in international kennel design.


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